RTPA 16-diciembre-2018

Gijón prevé reducir la factura de la luz en más de un 50%

Retina (El País) 19-diciembre-2018

Gijón quiere convertirse en una ciudad realmente inteligente

El confidencial 19-diciembre-2018

Gijón se vuelve smart city: reducirá la factura energética y monitorizará el transporte

Expansión 19-diciembre-2018

T-Systems convertirá Gijón en una ciudad inteligente

Pablo Arboleya

Pablo Arboleya

During the last ten years I worked in the University of Oviedo. I had several projects with companies like ABB, Arcelor, EdP, REE, Hidrocantabrico, CAF,... Nowadays Im involved in a International Master Course Project in "Electrical Energy Conversion and Power Systems". The course will start next september in the University of Oviedo. We have several partners univiersities like University of Nottinham, University of Rome and Higher Engineering Institute of Coimbra. Teachers from all of these universities will collaborate in theaching. Several companies are involved like ABB, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Edp, HC, Seat, Ford, Trainelec, Gamesa. The companies will collaborate in teaching and also offering internships and Master Thesis toutoring.

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